2 beutifull next generations girls , they are born 27.05.18.
Mother is 186 and color is steel, father is 14 and fawn.
They are both sold.

Our next generation, mother is 186 steel and father 14 fawn.
New picture 11.11.18 Dark steel.

4748 is one off our imports from 2018, she had 2 litters before she came to us, her first litter here she give us 15 baby's.
Weight is 9,3 kg.

004 is one off the first rabbits we breed here, born 01.01.16 she is not the best rabbit to look at, but she is grandmother to all the Fawn females we have.
Weight is 8 kg, very compact type last litter was with import male 171, 97,5 points on EU standard.

2839 steel one off our imports from 2018.
New picture 11.11.18