Import male born februar 2018, his father is fawn and mother is blue.
07.10.18 weight 7,6 kg

002 is born 01.01.16 and is from same litter as female 004.
He is grandfather to the white Champion we just get a few months ago, we will still use Him , for some breeding sin the future, in the moment he only enjoy his live.

171 one off our import from 2018.
97,5 point on EU standard.

27114 is also a import male, he is born February 2017 and we bought him at a show 95,5 point.
In 2018 he made 3 litters for us, his temperament is very nice and outgoing.
Weight 7,6 kg

182 Also import male born November 2017, he is very heavy boned, and very outgoing, we like him very much, he was 3 month when he get here.
First show here in Denmark 96 points EU standard.
Weight 07.10.18 , 8.3 kg....

318028 is born marts 2018 and is sold to a anonymous breeder.
Father is 27114.