• 20.02.19 new 60 m2 for our GG, see the pictures here.

  • 30.01.19

    Today we get this lovely pictures from Emma Hansson in Sweden , she get 2 off our females from last litters in 2018.

  • Owner Emma Hansson Sweden.

  • Our first rabbits from 2016

  • Our first rabbits from 2016

  • Norway 26.01.19

    Owner is Marita Tørset in Norway.

    Sisters are in Finland and Thailand.

  • Finland 23.01.19

    All 3 pictures is from Marissa salonen in Finland.

Januar 2019

Picture sent to us from Finland, male 8 month and 8,4 kg.

Owner is Mia Karvinen.

29.11.18 I visit today Agro-Land our local petstore they have 2 off our German Giant, they are very popularly.
See more on www.agroland.dk

09.11.18 visit fro Norway

Here White male we also sold to Norway , owner is Marita Tørset, male is 5 month old and get 94,5 point.

One off 3 GG we sold to Norway in september was jugde today i Bergen, Norway 94 point on Nordisk standard.
Congratulation to the owner Marita Tørset

09.10.18 visit by new breeder today, here is son after black female 4748.

  • Pictures sent from Susanne Østerhaab. 11.09.2018

    Young male we sell in the spring, Susanne also have 2 older females from us.

3 Continental Giant for Norway today

We hope for a new Champion, Pernille Nagel from stable Diness is also the owner off the 13 month Champion below.

13 month Danisch Champion.

Dansk champion


Our first Danisch Champion

Today we get our first Danisch Champion, the owner is Pernille Nagel , we wish her Congratulations.

Our new breeding male get 96,5 point on EU standard, he is import, and half blue.

93,5 point EU standard 5 month old and sold to Norwegian breeder.

93,5 point EU standard, sold to Norwegian breeder.

94 point EU standard, SOLD.

97 point EU standard on the show, he is sold to Pernille Nagel.

96,0 point EU standard, he is in our breeding and will stay here.

Kaniner i Agro-land


Agroland in Vamdrup

The local pet shop Agro Land bye 2 females from us.