Male number 2 is our oldest breeding male ,he is only used 2-3 times a year, his offsprings is in all females from our own old linie.

He is not the biggest with his 7,8 kg.


Male 182 is here since he was 6 month old, he is German import, weight is 9,3 kg.

In 2019 we will use him on all steel/black females. 

1 litter is here, with 2 males and 1 female.


Male 1837 is another German import male he is 1 year old, weight is 9,3 kg, he had his first litter 4 month ago.

First offsprings where sold to sweden breeders.


Male 281 is also import from Germany, he not have the biggest weight 8 kg, but a nice steel male, will bee used in 2019.


Male 1827 New German import we took home december 2018, weight 9,4 kg.

We will soon use him.....


Upcoming male

End off marts will come new male here.