All that Glitters is not Gold steel 902

From January import from a NEW german breeder we present this lovely and very heavy female.

She is over 8,5 kg so we are very pleased with here very nice compact type.

Blue/Yellow combination.


Beginning is half done 4748

Gerrman import from 2018 .

10 kg female and she is not fat, we keep all here youngerst here. 





Clouds Across the Moon 54317

Picture 15.04.19, in the moment she have 9 youngerst after steel 281.....

She is our own breed, and very heavy 9,8 kg.






Black Secret 1834

Picture 16.08.19 

She is EU Winner Herning with 96.00 points.




Anni Get Your Gun 186

Picture 06.07.19

From her first litter we ship to Sweden, Finland , Norway and Thailand.




As Good As it Gets 1831

Agouti female German import, she is sister to our Agouti male 1837 The Moon is Risi


Sold to Marissa Salonen Finland.