• Female 2839, is also import.


  • 27114 was our first import male we took home, he came here last year January 2017, he makes very good offsprings


    95,5 point EU standard.

  • Born 04.10.18

    Litter with steel, black and Agouti.

    Some off them will bee for sale at 4 month, from February 2019.

  • Female 28011

    28011 is our own breed from this year, her Father is 27114, her sisters are sold in, Norway, Finland, Denmark and 2 to Thailand.

  • Male 1837

    1837 is also import male on the picture he is only 10 month and 8,5 kg......very promising male.

  • Born 23.10.18

    Litter is only Agouti

    Some off them will bee for sale at 4 month.

    Marts 2019.