The black treasure box JSS 9960

Male : The Black Ghost, Holland import 6DM-109. (BLACK)

Female: Annie Get Your Gun, German import 186. (STEEL)

Picture 30.04.20

Its all coming together JSS 0961

Male: The Black Ghost, Holland import 6DM-109.( BLACK) 

Female: Black Secret, German import 1834. Eu winner 2019 Herning Denmark 96.00 point ( BLACK)


Picture: 30.04.20

The night Game JSS 9951

Male: MR Bumble Bee, German import 1830. (BLACK)

Female: All that glitters is not gold 902. (Steel)

Picture 30.04.20

All that glitters is not gold 902

From a very small German breeder, with only 3 females and 1 male. (STEEL)


Black Secret 1834

German import. (BLACK)

She is EU Winner Herning with 96.00 points.




Anni Get Your Gun 186

German import. (STEEL)

From her first litter we ship to Sweden, Finland , Norway and Thailand.




Nothing Else Matters

9VM- 311 black/black female , Holland import.



Picture is from : 17.01.20