• Steel female:A big tree attracts the woodmans Axe.

    Sold to Marissa Salonen.

  • Agouti female: As Good as it Gets 1831.

    Sold to Marissa salonen Finland.

    German import.

  • Agouti male: The moon is Rising 1837.

    Sold to Marissa salonen

    German import.

  • Steel female: Rules are made to bee broken. 392

    Sold to Marissa Salonen

Breeding off German Giants

We are breeders off healty and good genetics German Giants.


Feel free to ask about export.


We import every year a number off new German Giants to improve our linie, our Black, Steel and Agouti are not from the same breeders, so we can make 3 different linies in the moment.


All GG that leaved us for new homes are dewormed, and they have our Breeding number in the right ear 4381, we not sell GG under 4-5 moth. 

2018 we was first Danisch breeder ever to ship rabbits to Thailand.

We also export to: Finland, Norway and Sweden.     

Last Update 12.07.19