Nothing Else Matters.

NL. import

Sister to Mr. Knox.

New import male from Gerwin Riendsen in Holland, this import is 1 of 5 we took home this year from Holland.
Gerwin gave us the possibility to by his last 4 black.

Mr. Music 399 is sold to Danish Breeder Jens Sørensen, Randers.

Breeding off German Giants


We are breeders off healty and good genetics Giants.  

We not announce what we have for SALE, you need to contact us and ask.

All GG that leaved for new homes are dewormed, and they have our Breeding number in the right ear 4381.We not sell or transport GG under 3 month, not in EU or somewhere else.

We have weekly Contact to the breeders we sell our GG to, and we always mentions their names, if we publicity something.

If you not have the boxex for transport we can help you, for export or if we transport them to you. 

When you bye a GG here, we will provide you with all the information that we can give you.

We only sell to BREEDERS, and we select in the litter.

We keep our word, and only deliver our BEST quality off German Giants. 

If you will make a appointment to come and visit us, then please tell day and time you will arrive here.

All our rabbits are sold as seen, you can always requiere pictures off earmarks and off the rabbit.

In 2 years we have export to : Thailand, Norway, Sweden, Finland and we just made a contract with Breeder David Sarto/and his son Felipe in Spain.


Picture is 4748.


Updated 26.10.19