Picture is sent to us from the owner in Thailand Mr. Pitak Chuenwajeetham.

See the other pictures under News.....

We have ship to Norway, Sweden, Finland and Thailand this year, we will said thanks to all off you, also the few we have sold in Denmark, to choose our GG, we hope you will have great time with your new GG, and i hope, you Will breed Well in the new year.

German Giants

In our breeding is in the moment 5 adult males all imports, 15 females and a number off young animals for sale and for future breeding, we have 4 different lines off German Giants.

Not all rabbits is in the homepage, some off the best breeding animals, we will show here when the time is right....

Just ask what we have for sale, maybe we have the right GG that your looking for, we have experience to export Rabbits, and will help with all document and permits, and we can estimate the cost for you.


We breed to improve the German Giant, and only breed healthy and standard rabbits with a high growth rate.


We only sell Rabbits in age 3-9 month.


All Rabbits was dewormed 22.08.18.


All our Rabbits have a Pedigree.


We use only Experts for Shipping, members off IPATA.


We are members off the Danisch Rabbit association and Haderslev rabbit association.


We speak Spanish, German and English.